1 — Terms and conditions of registration, payment and participation in the HSM Italia Srl.

1.1 — Participation: to participate it's necessary to completely fill out this registration form and pay the corresponding fee. The participant's names must be indicated at the time of registration. Changes can be made up to 45 days before the event.

1.2 — Confirmation: the registration to the event should be confirmed by email/fax of the company indicated in the registration.

1.3 — Cancellation and refund: cancellation is possible up to 45 days before the event by communicating with HSM Italia Srl, Fontana 18 - 20122 Milan, Italy. 20% of the total registration must be paid for processing fees. After this time period, cancellation will not be possible.

1.4 — Event program: HSM Italia Srl reserves the right to modify the event program without previously communicating.

In accordance with articles 1341 and 1342 of the Codice Civile Italiano, these clauses are accepted:

1.5 — (HSM Italia Srl reserves the right to modify the event program without previously communicating) According to the article 13 D.Lgs.n. 196/03 - Protection of privacy The personal information given in the registration form will be used for event registration, statistics and for sending commercial information about products and services offered by HSM Italia Srl, for other societies of the same group or for sponsors of the event, which will communicate said personal information through the provision of different medias, strictly for these purposes. The solicited information in the form is obligatory and the omission of this information will make the registration process impossible. After registration, the person has the right to:

1.6 — The interested has the right to object, totally or partially: